System Update 4th April 2011

We are pleased to announce a new system wide update to all our customers. The update addresses some minor bug fixes as well as some new features. Here’s a list of what’s new:

Updated GUI

We decided it was about time that the GUI had an update. Recently we have been focused on features and performance and GUI has not had the time it deserved.

Leadreporter GUI

The new GUI sees an updated banner based on our website. The default colour scheme has also been changed to match our website.

Customers who have opted for a de-branded system can also take advantage of the new ability to specify gradients on the following elements:

  • The top menu
  • The top menu highlighting
  • The left menu headings
  • The left menu highlighting

Top Menu Example

Above is an example of the top menu, utilising the new default colour scheme.

Batch moving multiple leads between dead and active

One of our most common customer requests over the last couple of months has been the ability to move a batch of leads from the active stages to dead. This can now be done from the lead list, tick the records you wish to move and then click the button labelled Move to Dead Leads at the bottom of the list. All the selected record will be moved to dead leads.

Bulk Move to Dead Leads

When viewing dead leads, the move to Dead Leads button is replaced with a Move to Active Leads button. This will move the leads out of dead leads and back to the stage in which they resided before being moved to Dead Leads.

Viewed/ unviewed leads filter

We have added a new filter to the lead lists that allow you to filter for leads that have and have not been viewed by the employees to who they have been assigned. This allows employees to easily find records that they have yet to make contact with and allows managers to identify and potentially re-assign leads that have not been dealt with.

Viewed / Unviewed Leads Filter

One user can now have multiple system accounts

In we use a users email address and password to uniquely identify the person. Until now this has meant that one email address can only belong to one system.

We have updated our system to now allow one user to belong to more than one account. This functionality can be useful for businesses that manage leads across different markets and require different customised systems for each market.

If you now try to create an account for a user that already exists in another account, the system will not allow you to create an account:

Existing Account

Instead offer you the ability to invite the user to link to your system account:

Invite Existing User

The user will then be sent an invitation to link to your system account to their registered email address. They will also see the invitation when they log into their account. They can chose to either accept or decline the invitation:

Accept or Decline Invitation

When a user with multiple accounts logs into with their username and password, they are prompted to choose the account that they wish to enter:

Select Account

Once the user has selected an account, they are logged into their chosen system just as any other user. To switch accounts the user simply needs to log out and then log back into

Video tutorials

We have started to add a series of video tutorials to our help section. Currently these cover only a few basic tasks, but we plan to expand this section on an ongoing basis.

Video Tutorials

If you have any suggestions for tutorials or any other feature requests, please email us at

Lead Reporter Screenshots

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